RFID Hospital management system

HealthID® is a comprehensive hospital management solution, including Property Management, Pharmacy Management, Patient Management, Hospital Bed Management and Medical Examination.

RFID Asset management system

AssetID® is an asset/equipment management solution using RFID technology. With this state-of-the-art technology, all assets/equipment in an organization are immediately managed and inventoried every time assets/equipment are brought into/out of the organization.

RFID Retail management system

RetailID® is a large-scale supermarket or facility management system with a special personality that tracks in / out premises with RFID technology.

RFID Warehouse management system

StockID® is a warehouse management solution by attaching RFID tags to products, containers, pallets … SplendID’s StockID system helps to fully and quickly monitor packages from warehousing to delivery.

RFID Traceability

FoodID® is a solution to apply RFID technology in the process of producing and processing food in general and fish fillets in particular. The solution is designed to provide many functions but still focus on cost savings to bring the highest investment efficiency.

RFID Library management system

LibID® is an RFID Technology solution that provides immediate and long-term benefits to libraries in terms of operational improvement, tracing, management, and anti-theft.

System integration

STAT is middleware for applications that use RFID technology. This software allows applications using RFID technology to easily interact with RFID readers (readere), collect data from the RFID tags, filter and send to the application through services.

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