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Medical Tray Sealing: PC-Based Control Systems and New Belt Actuator Offer Precision

Push-to-start medical tray sealer from Belco Packaging Systems, Inc. minimizes material waste, maximizes package quality and improves operator safety. In medical tray sealing, balancing high precision, speed, operator safety, and per-unit cost are all critical. To meet these needs, Belco Packaging Systems introduced its BM2030-PC Medical Tray Sealer at PACK EXPO Las Vegas in Sep. 2019. Awarded with […]

2D Microcodes for Seriously Small Spaces

A code printed at 600 dpi can be as small as 4.5 mm square while another option prints in 1 mm square, smaller than most raindrops 2D codes are prominentin anti-counterfeiting strategies, but limited real estate on packaging poses a challenge for many small products including pharmaceuticals, med devices, cannabis andconsumer goods. Complete Inspection Systems […]

SATO America: Healthcare Print-on-Demand

SATO America, a provider ofbarcode and RFID application solutions, has launched the WS2 direct thermal desktop printer.Designed to set a new standard in 2-in.printing, the space-saving, hygienic WS2 is disinfectant-ready. It accommodates a wide array of media types to meet a multitude of print-on-demand needs with a focus on healthcare. The WS2 is compact, convenient […]